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Customizable Ticketing System
Customizable & Scallable
Effortlessly Customizable, Seamlessly Scalable
Your Data In Your House
Empowering Data Ownership

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Top Feature

Quickly and easily book rooms with our user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless reservations for your guests.
Manage room availability with a monthly/yearly calendar view, showing booked, available, and rented rooms for each day.
Manage and set prices for each day, including weekends and holidays, automatically for the entire year, without manual adjustments.
Integrate multiple payment gateways to offer flexible and secure payment options for your guests.
Track room statuses daily, allowing staff and managers to see the status of each room type at a glance.
Guests can scan a QR code to order food and drinks from their phone, eliminating the need to call reception, while hotels can update menus and prices digitally, avoiding printed materials

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Manage room check-in & check-out
Manage dynamic pricing schedule
Manage room & Room booking process
Manage room & calendar assignment
Manage available, reserved & ordered room
Manage event venue
Handle multiple branches with varying pricing schedules
Manage news & promotions
Manage restaurant menu
Multiple language support
Integrate multiple Payment Gateways
Manage food/drink booking from a room va QR code
Mobile Compatibility
Optimize SEO
Maintain site performance with fast action
Ensure page performance

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